Miller Valley Baptist Church Mission Statement

Our mission is to proclaim the whole counsel of God, properly dividing the Scriptures through Law and Gospel for the sake of calling sinners to repentance and the sanctification of the saints through the power of the Holy Spirit communicating Christ and Him crucified in the means of grace, doing all these things out of love for He who first loved us.

We are Miller Valley Baptist Church. We are but a small expression of Christ’s precious bride, and like the bride in Song of Songs, we are weathered and plain yet declared beautiful. We are sinners who have met at the foot of the cross, and we are saved by grace alone through faith alone. We are one body with one Spirit called in one hope. We are poor in the temporal but rich in the eternal. Without Christ, we would be nothing more than people and a place, but through Christ and the Covenant of Grace he established on our behalf, through his grace and his love, through his work and his righteousness…

We are the Church.

“Now, it is very important for us to know what benefit we shall gain from (the communion of saints)… it has in a way been joined to the steadfastness of Christ who will no more allow his believers to be estranged from him than that his members be rent and torn asunder… In the very word “communion” there is a wealth of comfort because, while it is determine that whatever the Lord bestows upon his members and ours belongs to us, our hope is strengthened by all the benefits they receive.” – John Calvin (Institutes of the Christian Religion IV.I.III)