Church and Bride (5/13)

Paul presents three images which he tells us are parallels in Eph 5:22-24: the church, the wife, and the body with correlating Christ, husband, and head. Is this an archaic patriarchal image, an outdated philosophy, or an error? Is Scripture placing women in a place...

Thanksgiving and Service (5/6)

Continuing in the thought of what it is to live a life filled with the Spirit, Paul speaks of our perpetual thanksgiving and serving one another. What does it mean to praise God and be grateful to him in all things? Does this apply to tragedy? And how are we meant to...

Men’s Retreat

August 10-11, we will be hosting our annual men’s retreat. Our topic this year is “Portraits of Grace” with biopics from church history presented by four different pastors in four sessions. Email us for more details!

The Medieval Church

Join us Sunday afternoons at 4:30 in the fellowship hall as we examine the history, figures, and doctrine of the Medieval Church. Composing roughly half of Christian history, this is also one of the most neglected areas of knowledge. What happened to the church and...

PM Service – 1 Corinthians

6pm on Sunday nights, our Associate Pastor is taking us through a study on Paul’s letter to the Corinthian church. Come join us!

Sunday School – Doctrine of the Church

Join us Sunday morning at 9:30 in the fellowship hall as we examine in depth what the church is and how she is meant to function for the glory of God and the joy of the saints. We are currently dealing with the Biblical background of marriage.